Hey! I’m Eve, and people are my thing. People, colors, stories, laughter, and freezing time — these things keep me collecting picture after picture even after I’ve snapped somewhere around 100,000 frames of visual storytelling. But mostly I keep taking pictures because I love people, which are the only truly unique and irreplaceable parts of our lives.

Being a photographer is more than just taking pictures, it’s also a commitment to bringing out the best in people. It’s the responsibility of taking images through the laughter and the tears and stringing a story together that is both meaningful and cherished for years to come. Nothing in life is permanent, everything is fleeting, but photography keeps precious moments from ever escaping us completely. We can live again in the magic of the past through a photo album or even one, singular image.

I constantly keep these thoughts in the back of my mind while telling your stories through the lens of my camera. You make the memories, and I’ll do the rest.

– – –

Eve Trojanov received a B.S. in Photography from Ithaca College in 2012. She has received several accolades for her work, including a feature in an article from the Huffington Post. She has worked with theaters, corporations, and countless families throughout her photography career. She works with both film and digital photography.