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It’s a new decade for me (I turned 30 about three weeks ago) and for the world, so this is the year I plan to make some magic happen. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I’ve always had an excuse not to pursue that dream with full intention. In 2020, I ran out of excuses. I’m 30, I’ve owned two homes, I have a loving and supportive partner, I’m surrounded by wonderful people, and overall my life feels pretty fabulously on-track. So… what am I waiting for? Yup, I’ve got nothin’.

As a perfectionist, I know I was waiting for the “right conditions” —whatever that means. I guess, essentially, I was waiting for myself. I was waiting to know more, to have nicer equipment, to save more money, to not be scared. Yeah, I could probably realistically achieve the “nicer equipment” part, but the other three are super debatable. When do you suddenly decide that you know “enough”? At what age are you magically never scared? How much money saved grants you the permission to feel secure?

I’ve finally reasoned with myself that there aren’t answers to these questions. I don’t know who I was kidding (well, I mean, I guess I do—me) when I thought I would feel more in control at 30 than at 20. Honestly, some days, I think I had my sh*t together better at 10. I had a personal chef, chauffeur, laundress, and bank… thanks, Mom ;). Sure, I know *more* than when I was 10, but I certainly haven’t reached that magical point of “enough”.

In any case, all this is to say that I’m old “enough” to know that no one has forever to make their dreams come true. For that to happen, each of us has to get in on the ground level and start chipping away one day, one post, and one photograph at a time.

I welcomed 2020 by going around and taking photos in my house, like ya do when you realize you’ve got to get your butt in gear and start somewhere if you’ve created a goal for the new year to post new content every week. Without further ado, these are those photos. They’re super mundane, right? Right. But I’m doing it. I’m doing the thing. I’m getting in on the ground level and taking a lot (a LOT) of pictures of my cats. C’est ma vie.

I hope you’ll follow along and support me as I push myself in 2020, but if you don’t, that’s cool. I hope you push yourself. We may not be smarter than when we were 10 (I know I’m not), but at least we know more… I think.

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